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SoVHS Zine

Introducing the First Issue of a
Magazine Follow-up to the Book!

We bid you a warm and radical rewind-inclined welcome to the initial extension of STUCK ON VHS.

The reception to our book was far beyond expectation, and we found the stickers and stories we uncovered were so informative, enlightening, fascinating, and fun, we knew it would be impossible to stop with just one incarnation of our publication.

Truly, the wealth and scope of video store stickers and their surrounding history is veritably endless. In creating and continuing to build the SOVHS universe, we’ve encountered not just a treasure trove of video store ephemera and obscure histories, but a small army of fervent folks that attach themselves to these items and experiences. They’ve held on to these memories, quite like how these stickers have clung on to these VHS tapes after all these years. It’s been a wonderful experience, and in many ways, it feels like we’ve only scratched the VHSurface of this extensive world.

We do intend on creating an expanded version of the book to share with everyone in the near future, but we just couldn’t resist presenting more of this home video history in the meantime. This magazine extension includes the classic celebration and preservation defined in our original book, but we’ve reached even further with more submissions and voices. Because these things told from our perspective, that’s one thing, but the inclusion of other voices, memories, and further findings in the video store sticker universe, that’s utterly imperative.

SoVHS Supplement #1 Features:
  • Over 300 new and exciting video store stickers of every persuasion.
  • Video store spotlights with vintage adverts, images, and snippets.
  • A Fond Farewell to Family Video.
  • The end of Odyssey Video.
  • Hat Hole’s holy grail.
  • The Legacy of Home Cinema.

52 pages. Full color. 8.5″x5.5″