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That’s right! We are currently accepting submissions of video store stickers from
your own personal tape collections for potential inclusion in the SoVHS Magazine.

And if we use yours you will receive a credit in the magazine’s editorial page!

What we’re looking for:

Any authentic video rental stickers (genre, rating, rewind, special deals, warnings, rental store labels, etc.) from actual VHS covers / cassettes.

As we are curating a large and diverse array of stickers, there is a fair chance we will use your contribution. However, the more unique or unusual the sticker type or design is, the more guaranteed its inclusion.

How to submit:

E-mail your images to
with the subject line “sticker submission”.

Please include your name as you wish it to be credited. And you may include one website url, social media handle, email address, or other piece of contact info to be included alongside it.

Submission Guidelines (READ FIRST)