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Stuck On VHS is co-created by Josh Schafer & Jacky Lawrence.

Josh Schafer

Written by / Curation

Josh Schafer is the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Lunchmeat Magazine and, a print and online publication dedicated to the appreciation, celebration, and preservation of VHS culture. He’s also the creator of Drive-In VHS Fest and VHStival. He currently resides in Raleigh, NC and is the VHS Culture Captain at Video Vortex: a real live video store inside Alamo Drafthouse with 70,000 titles for rent. He loves chicken nuggets, believes in aliens, and thinks that VHS tapes are the coolest thing on the planet.
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Jacky Lawrence

Design & Photography / Curation

Jacky Lawrence is a photographer, video maker, and proficient dabbler in a smattering of other artistic endeavors such as graphic design, fx makeup, and prop-making; all of which he tries to incorporate into his photographic work. He is the creator of Home Video Horrors, an ongoing series of photo tributes to cult horror films of the VHS era. Jacky prefers to make and consume things which are weird or offbeat, considers smut to be art, and enjoys watching bad movies unironically.
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Instagram | Twitter | Facebook



Stuck On VHS was made possible in part due to sticker contributions from the personal media collections of the following individuals:

Steven B

Tyler Bell

Nathan Budde

Clint Cowboy

Alex Dickey
Projectionist/programmer Bookhouse Cinema

James Dufendach

Taylor Duff

Michael Elvidge

Todd Franklin

Southpaw Frizzell

Anthony Grzyboski

Conor Holt – Los Angeles, CA

Video Jake (Jake Lewis)

Joe La Scola

Ben Lid

Zac Mayeux

Sean Meyer

Adam Parker-Edmondston

Cody J. Peterson

Shannon Phelan

Billy Stunt Rock

Jex Russell

Walter T. Scot

Keith Turner

Devon Tuttle

Special thanks to Joshua Hedges, for the initial inspiration to create this book
with the release of his zine Video Store Relics.